Simply put, Earity is the coolest, best-sounding, lightest wireless earphone you’ve ever worn. Period. Designed for crystal clear, ground shaking audio quality with incredible voice commands and long-lasting battery life. 

Music is a part of your and our lives. It brings joy, excitement and motivation. However, headphones can ruin it: cables tangle, pull at the headphones and ultimately break. Earity liberates you from wires. Its stylish design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. 

You are in control. Discover the power of the sound.


Earity is created to keep you moving. Its design guarantees that Earity will comfortably stay in place, whatever crazy things you are going to get involved in.

SAFE DRIVING – Earity will inform you about an incoming phone call by telling you the name of the person. Now it’s YOUR CHOICE, if you want to respond. You keep 100% attention on what you are doing!

Talk to your earbud:
with Earity, you can accept or reject phone calls
by saying “yes” or “no”.

Take it to a business trip or on a Carribean cruise. With 20 days battery life, you don’t need to worry that music dies unexpectedly.

No more bulky headphones:  Earity’s Cool, stylish design makes it a perfect accessory to complement your image.




Earn a FREE Earity
by referring friends

Help us by spreading the word via email and social media. Earn free Earity by referring friends to us! It’s simple. Log in to your Indiegogo account . Be sure to use the same account you used when you claimed your Earity. Then, look below our main video at the top of this page for buttons to share and copy your unique URL. Start sharing!

Need more information? We have created detailed instructions here.